Buccaneer’s Girl

Photo of Andrea King and Verna Felton in "Buccaneer's Girl" (Universal, 1950).

Andrea King and Verna Felton in “Buccaneer’s Girl” (Universal, 1950).

“Buccaneer’s Girl” (1950) was another Universal-International film for Andrea King, in a string of movies she made for the busy studio. The villainous role of Arlene Villon offered her something truly fun to sink her teeth into.

Andrea’s acting talents kept her solidly in front of the camera, and she appeared in no less than four feature films in 1950 alone: “Buccaneer’s Girl,” “I Was a Shoplifter,” “Dial 1119” (for MGM), and “Southside 1-1000.” This time, it was a swashbuckling pirate adventure, with Andrea as a glamorous aristocratic foil for the film’s leading lady Yvonne De Carlo.

The movie also starred Philip Friend, Robert Douglas (one of Andrea’s closest personal friends), Elsa Lanchester (another good friend), Norman Lloyd, Jay C. Flippen, Henry Daniell, Douglas Dumbrille, and veteran character actress Verna Felton, who was responsible for many indelible Disney voices—including “Dumbo” (the Matriarch Elephant), “Sleeping Beauty” (Flora), “Cinderella” (Fairy Godmother), “Alice In Wonderland” (Queen of Hearts), “Lady & the Tramp” (Aunt Sara) and “The Jungle Book” (Winifred)!

Philip Friend and Andrea King in “Buccaneer’s Girl” (Universal, 1950).

Philip Friend and Andrea King in “Buccaneer’s Girl” (Universal, 1950).

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