Lisa Dorn

Andrea King as Lisa Dorn in "Hotel Berlin." Warner Bros., 1945.

Andrea King as Lisa Dorn in “Hotel Berlin.” Warner Bros., 1945.

The role of Lisa Dorn in “Hotel Berlin” (Warner Bros., 1945) is Andrea King’s favorite of all time. Lisa is a glamorous German actress — a star in her own country — and she is also the mistress of a high-ranking Nazi officer (Raymond Massey). But as Hitler’s empire begins to crumble in front of their eyes, she becomes a mystery. She risks her life to help an escaped prisoner (Helmut Dantine) foil the Nazis and attain his freedom. And she herself tries desperately to flee Germany. But it isn’t clear until the end of the film just exactly where her sympathies lie.

… And by that time, it’s too late for Lisa Dorn.