The Internet Movie Database

The Internet Movie Database (or IMDb) is probably the best and most comprehensive resource found in any medium for hard facts about films, directors, actors and other craftsmen in the entertainment industry. It contains a powerful search engine for “near misses” on names, as well as the ability to cross-references itself by title, people, characters, quotes, episodes, bios, and plots. It also has fantastic features on the side bar menu, including upcoming airings, on-demand streaming, and related news. With a bountiful resource like IMDb, you’ll never again ask, “Who was it that played that part in that film we just saw?” Rest assured, you’ll find your answer here.

The Internet Broadway Database

Similar to, but nowhere near as complete or comprehensive, the Internet Broadway Database ( is still filled with useful information about Broadway shows and the people who were involved with them. A teen-aged Andrea King, known in the 1930s as Georgette McKee, is listed here with two credits, and although she also appeared in George Abbott’s “Boy Meets Girl” in the minor role of a nurse while understudying the lead, her credit for it on the Great White Way hasn’t found its way to this site.


Engineered by anyone and everyone who wants to contribute, Wikipedia isn’t always the most reliable choice for information. Still, it’s a valuable resource, particularly when citations validate the data. Andrea King’s page is solidly accurate overall. They even use this website as a source.

NOTE: There are many video and film Web sites featuring information about Andrea King that have mistaken our very lovely actress of the Golden Era with a freelance writer (who is occasionally and incorrectly credited with authoring the screenplay for “The Wedding Planner”). We have chosen not to list any of those misinformed sites here, since we’d be leading you down the wrong path. This second Andrea King was formerly with The Hollywood Reporter and has since left that trade paper to concentrate on a screen writing career herself. The Reporter’s own Robert Osborne introduced the two “Andreas” at a luncheon several years ago and wrote about their meeting in his daily column. We assure you, however, they are not the same person.