A long-overdue overhaul to the Official Andrea King Website!

In some ways, I’m technologically savvy, in others, not so much. I can be right on the cutting edge of big trends and work with brilliant designers and Sony’s digital gurus to help invent the Blu-ray Disc interface (yes, I really did that!). Then I can also lag so far behind the curve that I fall off the planet (it is flat after all, isn’t it?).

With the Official Andrea King Website, I originally created it in Microsoft FrontPage, which had its final release in 2003 and hasn’t been supported for years. Add to it that my PC was running on Windows XP, also no longer supported by Microsoft, and it was time I joined the 21st century!

I took my cue from this blog and my own Silver Shoes blog and redid Andrea’s entire site (built from the ground up again) in WordPress, hosted by Bluehost. Both companies have never let me down with easy integration, excellent tech support, and all sorts of bells and whistles that I can utilize and tinker with.

The result of my efforts went “live” today when her new site was deployed. It should be sufficiently crawled by search engines over the next few days and weeks, and I’m proud to maintain and update the online domain for my dear friend. I enjoyed these photos from her scrapbooks when I first pored over them and scanned the images almost 17 years ago now. They worked so well with her stories about the films and plays. I hope you’ll take some time to have a look. I think you will enjoy it.

The Official Andrea King Website.

The Official Andrea King Website.



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