Television Appearances

Show: "Stump the Stars" (8/14/1950).

Role: Herself.

Show: Gruen Guild Theatre: "Dream Man" (4/10/1952).

Role: ?

Show:  Chevron Theatre: "Long, Long Ago" (9/26/1952).

Role:  Harriet Grant

Show:  Fireside Theatre: "The Sheriff" (10/21/1952).

Role:  Ruth.

Show: Four Star Playhouse: "The Officer and the Lady" (12/18/1952).

Role: ?

Show:  Schlitz Playhouse: "Medicine Woman" (5/1/1953).

Role:  Dr. Janice Blake.

Show:  Fireside Theatre: "The Deauville Bracelet" (6/9/1953).

Role:  Peggy.

Show:  Chevron Theatre: "Summer Night" (6/9/1953).

Role:  ?

Show:  Fireside Theatre: "In the Carquinez Woods" (6/16/1953).

Role:  Teresa.

Show:  Lux Video Theatre: "Witness for the Prosecution" (9/17/1953).

Role:  Romaine Vole/Mrs. Mogson.

Show:  Fireside Theatre: "Man of the Comstock" (11/3/1953).

Role:  Annie.

Show:  Fireside Theatre: "The Uncrossed River" (1/26/1954).

Role:  Muriel.

Show:  The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse: "Taps for a Hoofer" (3/5/1954).

Role:  ?

Show:  Fireside Theatre: "The Kiss" (6/15/1954).

Role:  ?

Show:  City Detective: "Her Sister's Keeper" (11/23/1954).

Role:  Cecilia.

Show:  City Detective: "Drop Coin Here" (12/21/1954).

Role:  Helen Valentine.

Show:  Crusader: "The Adoption" (3/23/1956).

Role:  Sari.

Show:  Matinee Theatre: "Whom Death Has Joined Together" (4/23/1956).

Role:  ?

Show:  Cheyenne: "The Law Man" (11/6/1956).

Role:  Julie Montaine.

Show:  Crossroads: "Tenement Saint" (12/14/1956).

Role:  Ann.

Show:  State Trooper: "The Black Leaper" (1958).

Role:  Florence Story.

Show:  State Trooper: "Sweet & Gentle, Ltd." (8/18/1958).

Role:  Marguerite Dorn.

Show:  Mike Hammer: "That Schoolgirl Complex" (9/21/1958).

Role:  Samantha Hatton.

Show:  Maverick: "Two Tickets to Ten Strike" (3/15/1959).

Role:  Mae Miller.

Show:  Perry Mason: "The Case of the Bedeviled Doctor" (4/4/1959).

Role:  Barbara Heywood.

Show:  Mike Hammer: "Swing Low, Sweet Harriet" (4/23/1959).

Role:  Lois Gates.

Show:  State Trooper: "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" (5/18/1959).

Role:  Alice Benton.

Show:  Tightrope: "The Cracking Point" (10/6/1959).

Role:  Martha Smith.

Show:  The Alaskans: "The Blizzard" (10/18/1959).

Role:  Duchess.

Show:  Bourbon Street Beat: "Portrait of Lenore" (12/28/1959).

Role:  Sybil Dole.

Show:  Johnny Midnight: "Slight Delay at Dimity" (1960).

Role:  Anne.

Show:  77 Sunset Strip: "Condor's Lair" (2/12/1960).

Role:  Maggie Lang.

Show:  Hawaiian Eye: "The Bequest of Arthur Goodwin" (3/9/1960).

Role:  Marta Willis.

Show:  General Electric Theater: "Do Not Disturb" (3/20/1960).

Role:  Editor.

Show:  Lock Up: "The Locket" (4/9/1960).

Role:  Helen Anderson.

Show:  The Alaskans: "The Devil Made Fire" (6/19/1960).

Role:  Duchess.

Show:  The Donna Reed Show: "The Mystery Woman" (9/22/1960).

Role:  Wanda Harman.

Show:  Perry Mason: "The Case of the Singular Double" (10/8/1960).

Role:  Catherine Locke.

Show:  Lock Up: "Top Secret" (11/19/1960).

Role:  Mrs. Hunter.

Show:  Dante: "The Jolly Roger Cocktail" (12/19/1960).

Role:  Crystal.

Show:  Shotgun Slade: "Little Sister" (1961).

Role:  ?

Show:  Hawaiian Eye: "The Pretty People" (5/10/1961).

Role:  Dorrie Breedlove.

Show:  Perry Mason: "The Case of the Missing Melody" (9/30/1961).

Role:  Enid Markham.

Show:  Hawaiian Eye: "Big Fever" (1/17/1962).

Role:  Jean Allen.

Show:  Surfside 6: "Squeeze Play" (5/14/1962).

Role:  Martha Wilder.

Show:  77 Sunset Strip: "Nightmare" (6/22/1962).

Role:  Charmain Dubois.

Show:  G.E. True: "Defendant Clarence Darrow" (1/13/1963).

Role:  Ruby.

Show:  77 Sunset Strip: "Terror in Silence" (1/25/1963).

Role:  Claudine.

Show:  Perry Mason: "The Case of the Surplus Suitor" (2/28/1963).

Role:  Jean Crewe.

Show:  Arrest and Trial: "Call It a Lifetime" (9/15/1963).

Role:  Dr. Koerner.

Show:  Family Affair: "All Around the Town" (1/16/1967).

Role:  Mrs. Florence Gaynor.

Show:  Dragnet 1967: "The Big Kids" (5/4/1967).

Role:  Mrs. Lisa Fulton.

Show:  Columbo (Pilot Episode): "Prescription: Murder" (2/20/1968).

Role:  Cynthia Gordon.

Show:  Dragnet 1967: "D.H.Q.: Missing Person" (1/13/1969).

Role:  Faye Wallis.

Show:  The New Perry Mason: "The Case of the Deadly Deeds" (10/21/1973).

Role:  Claire Henry.

Show:  Medical Center: "One Last Rebellion" (11/24/1975).

Role:  ?

Show:  Murder, She Wrote: "The Fixer-Upper" (2/11/1990).

Role:  Housekeeper.

Show:  A&E Biography: "Peter Lorre: The Master of Menace" (11/1/1996).

Role:  Herself.

Show:  A&E Biography: "Montgomery Clift: The Hidden Star" (12/14/1998).

Role:  Herself.