Romaine Vole/Mrs. Mogson

In 1953, two years prior to the Broadway play, Andrea had the rare privilege and honor of introducing American audiences to the amazing “dual role” of Romaine Vole/Mrs. Mogson in Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution.” Romaine, also known as Mrs. Leonard Vole, is one of the great femme fatales of modern literature and was later portrayed on the big screen by Marlene Dietrich in the sensational 1957 film version.

Movie buffs will also remember that this complex character requires the actress to pull off a convincing “dual performance,” complete with a broad Cockney accent for the double-crossing, scar-faced Mrs. Mogson.

Aside from the rigorous demands of creating such a remarkable character, Andrea bravely faced the cameras in a live one-hour telecast that was broadcast coast-to-coast on CBS’s Lux Video Theatre. Sadly, there is no known kinescope in existence of this production even though it marked the small-screen debut of screen legend Edward G. Robinson.