Witness for the Prosecution

Edward G. Robinson and Andrea King starring in “Witness for the Prosecution,” 1953.

“Witness for the Prosecution” — a landmark television event — aired live on CBS’s Lux Video Theatre in September of 1953 and provided Andrea with a golden opportunity to star opposite her longtime friend and real-life neighbor, Edward G. Robinson. Together they made history.

The Agatha Christie novel of the same name had not been staged in any medium in the U.S. prior to this telecast, and Andrea was thrilled at the chance to introduce the “dual role” of Romaine Vole/Mrs. Mogson, a part later made famous by the legendary Marlene Dietrich (opposite Charles Laughton) in the 1957 film version. Even the smash Broadway play was produced a full two years after this live presentation, which also marked the television debut of Mr. Robinson. This one-hour suspense drama, CBS’s first Lux Video Theatre production to air at that length, also starred Tom Drake (remembered fondly as the boy next door in MGM’s classic “Meet Me In St. Louis”) who played Andrea’s accused husband Leonard Vole.