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Andrea King, known to theatre audiences as Georgette McKee, began her theatrical career at the age of 14 in 1933 with the Broadway production of “Growing Pains.” The play only ran two weeks, but it became one of the author’s inspirations for her highly successful Andy Hardy series at MGM.

Andrea’s second Broadway show was a big success and was directed by Thomas Mitchell, who also starred in the comedy. “Fly Away Home” ran a full season back in 1935 and featured the professional acting debut of Montgomery Clift playing Andrea’s kid brother.

The following year, Andrea played the role of a nurse while understudying the lead in George Abbott’s hit play “Boy Meets Girl.”

And in 1940, she landed in the Chicago company of Broadway’s biggest hit play to date, “Life With Father.” The acclaimed Chicago cast was headed by the legendary Lillian Gish. Andrea played the ingenue role of Mary Skinner, originally portrayed by Teresa Wright on Broadway and later Elizabeth Taylor in the film version.

During World War II, Andrea toured the United States in the road company of another record-breaking Broadway play “Angel Street.” This thriller was re-titled “Gaslight” for the MGM adaptation, and Andrea played the plum role of Nancy, the cheeky Cockney maid, brought to the big screen by Angela Lansbury in her film debut.