Film Appearances

Film: "The Ramparts We Watch," RKO, 1940.

Role: Hilda Bensinger.

Film: "Mr. Skeffington," Warner Bros., 1944.

Role: Dr. Byles' Nurse (unbilled).

Film: "The Very Thought of You," Warner Bros., 1944.

Role: Molly Wheeler.

Film: "Hollywood Canteen," Warner Bros., 1944.

Role: Herself.

Film: "Proudly We Serve" (short), Warner Bros., 1944.

Role: Sgt. Christy Marlow.

Film: "Navy Nurse" (short), Warner Bros., 1945.

Role: Nurse Reilly.

Film: "It Happened In Springfield" (short), Warner Bros., 1945.

Role: Teacher.

Film: "God Is My Co-Pilot," Warner Bros., 1945.

Role: Catherine Scott.

Film: "Hotel Berlin," Warner Bros., 1945.

Role: Lisa Dorn.

Film: "Roughly Speaking," Warner Bros., 1945.

Role: Barbara (as an adult).

Film: "Shadow of a Woman," Warner Bros., 1946.

Role: Brooke Ryder.

Film: "The Beast With Five Fingers," Warner Bros., 1946.

Role: Julie Holden.

Film: "The Man I Love," Warner Bros., 1947.

Role: Sally Otis.

Film: "My Wild Irish Rose," Warner Bros., 1947.

Role: Lillian Russell.

Film: "Ride the Pink Horse," Universal, 1947.

Role: Marjorie Lundeen.

Film: "Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid," Universal., 1948.

Role: Cathy Livingston.

Film: "Song of Surrender," Paramount, 1949.

Role: Phyllis Cantwell.

Film: "Buccaneer's Girl," Universal, 1950.

Role: Arlene Villon.

Film: "I Was a Shoplifter," Universal, 1950.

Role: Ina Perdue.

Film: "Dial 1119," MGM, 1950.

Role: Helen.

Film: "Southside 1-1000," Allied Artists Pictures, 1950.

Role: Nora Craig.

Film: "The Lemon Drop Kid," Paramount, 1951.

Role: Stella.

Film: "Mark of the Renegade," Universal, 1952.

Role: Anita Gonzales.

Film: "The World in His Arms," Universal, 1952.

Role: Mamie.

Film: "Red Planet Mars," United Artists, 1952.

Role: Linda Cronyn.

Film: "Silent Fear," Gibraltar, 1956.

Role: Terri Perreau.

Film: "Outlaw Queen," Globe Releasing Corp., 1957.

Role: Christina.

Film: "Band of Angels," Warner Bros., 1957.

Role: Miss Idell.

Film: "Darby's Rangers," Warner Bros., 1958.

Role: Sheilah Andrews.

Film: "House of the Black Death," Medallion Pictures, 1965.

Role: Dr. Katherine Mallory.

Film: "Daddy's Gone A-Hunting," National General Pictures, 1969.

Role: Brenda Frazier (uncredited).

Film: "Blackenstein," Exclusive International, 1973.

Role: Eleanor.

Film: "The Linguini Incident," Academy Entertainment, 1991.

Role: Charlotte.

Film: "Inevitable Grace," 1994.

Role: Dorothy.

Film: "The Color of Evening," Christara Pictures, 1994.

Role: Gallery Customer.